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House of Sforza

borgia places: the castle of sant’angelo

Pope Alexander ordered the fortifications of the castle shortly after his election, he then shut himself in there when Charles VIII came to Rome in December 1494, and commissioned frescos to Pinturicchio when the king was gone and the Holy League claimed victory over him. Unfortunately, those frescos no longer exist. There is, however, the ‘cortile del pozzo’, or ‘di AlessandroVI’, with Alexander’s coat of arms, as well as a ‘rampa dei Borgia’. Sancia d’Aragona and Caterina Sforza were ‘hosted’ in the castle under his papacy, as well as Giulia Farnese’s brother, Alessandro, when his family was in bad terms with pope Innocent VIII. his incredible escape inspired Stendhal for his “Chartreuse of Parma” (x)